That dress.

I just had a dinner with my secondary school teacher 3 days ago. She mentioned about the graduation dinner 2 years ago after we finished our public exams, and said she thinks I looked pretty. Two years ago, I was black haired, had no idea in dressing or making up, don’t go out with friends as … More That dress.

My end of the deal

Time for a little nostalgic story.. I really wanted this barbie set. It was between my kindergarten grade 2-3. Barbie was one of the trendiest dolls and toys back then. They have thousands of costumes and high heels for each character. (well, not really “thousands”, but in a kid’s eyes, a couple already means a … More My end of the deal


The older we get, falling for someone is more like business negotiation more than those magical butterfly moments. Not saying that the butterflies inside are gone already, but we’ve seen them died in someone’s possession. We’ve let them fly and seen them lost in the wind. We’ve given them and found them trapped or rejected. … More Accumulated

New Year’s Fears

Happy January! (I’m not going to say hny coz you’ve already heard it too much, and technically, I’m already late to the party) It’s new years! And it’s the time when everyone are making new year’s resolution. They are great if they works for you, awesome, it’s almost the best excuse to make any goals … More New Year’s Fears