Somehow this is related to you..

I’ve been stumbling on this question for a while now.. I wanna ask you guys if you feel the same way too: When you’re listening to a song, have you ever felt sad, guilty or regretful, not because you can relate to the lyrics, but because it may be someone’s feelings towards you?

I do, a lot too.


This was my favourite song back then in years, the video, the melody, or singer herself was an amazingly perfect match. I brought it up again in my playlist recently, and the lyrics in this song hit me so hard. It haunted me with every word. I kept thinking.. what if I was the one who makes others feel like they’re just the “human” in this song, the “human” who held his breathe, stayed awake for days, forced a laugh, the “human” who bleed and fell, the “human” who crashed… The “human” I’ve hurt..? I can’t imagine.. I don’t even dare to.

Please know that this is not some pity party post that is looking for sympathy comments or encouragement, and I’m not proud of this at all (actually it also comes with a certain level of embarrassment). This is simply me coming clean, and trying to reflect on myself from another point of view. Sometimes, when I listen to songs, I wonder, did I make someone feel this way? Was I the person who neglected his/her feelings? Is this “his” song? Is this what they had to go through, or are going through? Is it true that I was the ignorant girl who inflict his insecurities, sadness, anger, confusion? and this thought I’ve had about is what made me upset and left me speechless.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.08.35 pm

Apart from that, maybe this was a closer example  ..


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