New Year’s Fears

Happy January! (I’m not going to say hny coz you’ve already heard it too much, and technically, I’m already late to the party)

It’s new years! And it’s the time when everyone are making new year’s resolution. They are great if they works for you, awesome, it’s almost the best excuse to make any goals for yourself and not being lame. But most of the time, regardless if it is on facebook or in persons, I’m hearing more and more people complaining how they’ve already failed or given up on their resolutions.

I’ve stopped making new year resolutions for myself these years because I don’t want any failures, I’ve got plenty of them in my life, (lolz). Another reason is that I think we should always creating resolutions for ourselves and taking actions for them consistently, not just at the beginning of the year, like self-reflecting, self-evaluating, to make our lives better.

But just from 2016, I’ve been inspired by one of my favourite youtubers, Phil from WongFuPro, who said that he doesn’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but End of the Year Resolutions instead. He said sometimes when years go by and life happens, some of his biggest fears found their resolutions, problems turned out not that bad, etc. And even if bad things happened as he imagined, he found himself kept going on and healed himself and persevere at last. Then he learnt that he doesn’t need to live in fears or worriness day by day over little trifles/ failure.

Sooooooo, this year, I’ve made myself another challenge, which is instead of writing a list of things I want to accomplish in this year, I wrote a list of things that I am afraid or worried that they will happen in this year. And it’s called “New Year’s Fears”! (which is pretty lame if you look closely at the rhymes, lol)  For me, a big part of the list is going to be about my personal growth, and interpersonal relationships. I’m 20 now and I’m really hoping to be more mature and have a better grasp in my life. Then at the end of the year, I’m going to look closely at the each of the items, to see how they have worked themselves out. And hopefully I’ll be surprised that actually things ended up not so bad, and some may become pretty good, or even it is as bad as it seemed, I’m still going, still standing.

One of the aims I want to do so, is that I don’t want to be always covered in the mist of worriness or procrastination anymore. I want to live my life more freely, bravely and optimistically.

Here, I’m not saying you should sit back, relax and let life happen to you, you should still accept where you are, and be responsible of where you wana go, take chances and embrace them. I’m just indicating that don’t let them consume your life, or get over your head so easily. Then you’ll see at last, you don’t need to give the thoughts in your head that much of power!

12 months to go, #newyearsfears, good luck to all.


NEWYEARSRESOLUTION: one month, one blog









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