Everybody gets a turn

“All feelings are necessary.”


A friend of mine told me this when I was feeling upset recently. These words somehow brought me a very comforting message and feeling where it is okay to let my emotions out and lower the guards of myself. Everybody gets a turn, I’m not alone to be in the lower part of the cycle sometimes in life. What’s more importantly, is that it’s just temporary, so if anything goes out of expectation, just… “enjoy the ride”.

The truth is, hey, we are humans, we all are made up by emotions. Just in different time, different feelings pop up, some are obvious, some are hidden, but at the end all emotions are within us. We tend to hide or deny the negative emotions which seem to make us weak, fragile and useless. Thinking maybe without them, we are wholesome. But the fact is, different feelings are things which complete us, making us strong and tough when we get knock down. We need different “rides”, highs and lows, to experience the tastes of life, and that’s how we grow by time, isn’t it?


Some of my memorable rides or attractions? Well there’re awesome stuffs like “butterflies in my stomach”& “enchanted feelings to connect with a person” garden. “I love you/ I like you” firework shows, “Sudden Misfortune”& “Sudden Fortune” bumper cars. But, there’re also some “Lost and Confused” River Cruise, “Heart Full of Stress”& “Mind of Anger” Haunted House (this one really makes you feel like you won’t make it out alive).
I think some of you may be curious why am I writing this kind of post as not many people would fantasize their emotions as spots in the amusement part, or different rides to enjoy. But I think the reason to share this experience and thoughts with you, is because to remind myself with this once in a while. We tend to hold on to our emotions, no matter if it is positive or negative. Some of us crave for things that can make us happy, refusing to let go; some of us long for things that sadden us, make us painful, somehow using the pain to enjoy themselves (I know this is kinda weird and hard to understand, but some people really grab on to something let hurt them to make them feel “satisfied and fulfilled”.) It is like Sadness in “Inside Out”‘s strange desire to touch every orb and turn them blue. Maybe, we have to be aware of what feelings we have, but don’t hold too tight to them.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 11.28.40 pm.png

To try and end this entry with a bit of positivity, I think I’ll just bring it back to that opening phrase. It’s just a turn. If you’re going through a tough/ lost time, hopefully it makes you believe that things will get better. That you’ve gotten on this temporary ride and soon it’ll be over. It will be over sooner than you think and you’ll look back and say, “Hey, I got through it! And I’m a better, stronger person for it. It’s not a big deal as I thought it would be! It was a blessing in disguise.” This is why I think people should try to embrace their sorrows or confusions gracefully, just like how they welcome their happiness and sweet moments. Because at the both ends of the emotional spectrum and everything in between should be valued and respected. They provide us something unique, something you might miss, or something that can shape you into a better person, and honestly, you don’t know when you’ll get another turn.

And I also wish those who are in mist, find your way out soon.



p.s. recently got this recommended on from a person I really like and admire, it was sou gud


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